A Taste of Italian Cooking Using Herbs and Spices

Posted by Milford Spice Company on 12/4/2014 to Italian
Italy is a country steeped in tradition and history that dates back to hundreds of years, and its food is a critical element of its rich culture. From the food served in homes and restaurants to Italian dining etiquette, the Italian touch can’t be denied. While there’s no clear-cut list or rigid identification of the top dishes in Italian cuisine, all favorite dishes can be categorized into antipasto, primo, secondo and dessert. Regional dishes like pasta, minestrone and risotto are some of the popular Italian dishes that have continued to satisfy and inspire both Italians and guests in homes and restaurants. 

Mark's Espresso BBQ Sauce

Posted by Administrator on 6/14/2014 to Beef, Pork & Lamb
Mark's Espresso BBQ Sauce
A delicious, slightly sweet with a spicy finish sauce for your next barbeque. This is a great sauce to use while finishing ribs on the grill (see our Pig & Brine Rib Kit to get them started).  Also great on chicken or pork chops.  Put it in a Ball jar and it makes a great gift to take to your friend's next cook out!

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Bourbon Barrel Trifecta Yum! - Dry Rub

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