Crab Cakes

Posted by Administrator on 7/14/2014 to Seafood
We brought back our oldie - French Seafood Seasoning - so we decided to give Maryland style crab cakes a try.  "Restaurant quality" was proclaimed by one of our guests, so we think we may be on to something.  They were really delicious, and much easier that I expected.

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Cauliflower Pizza Crust

Posted by Administrator on 7/14/2014
Looking for a lower carb or gluten free option to traditional pizza crust?  You may be surprised at how well cauliflower works as a base for a crust, it really holds up nicely and is quite tasty to boot.

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Lena's Perfect (refrigerator) Pickles

Posted by Administrator on 7/7/2014 to Snacks
Lena's Perfect (refrigerator) Pickles

These refrigerator pickles are quick, easy, and really yummy if you don't go for the arduous process of true pickling.

Prep is about twenty minutes, let cool, and throw them in the refrigerator.  Delicious pickles in 24 hours!  Though we used them right away and still found them delicious. 

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