Easy Baguettes

What is not to love about homemade bread!  Very few things smells as good as a crusty baguette fresh out of the oven!  This is so easy to make and only has 4 ingredients, so you know what it is made of.  These baguettes freeze really well too.

The recipe makes 4 baguettes, I made two with Everything Better Blend which combines delicious California grown and roasted garlic, onion, poppy seed, both white and black sesame seeds and kosher salt. It really does taste like a bagel and adds such great flavor to bread.

I made one plain and the last one I seasoned with Ravensview Rosemary Garlic, this is a black pepper blend made with sea salt, garlic, black pepper, chive, and rosemary. It is a real winner for lamb and other red meats. Great on beef ribs and roasts. We use it on roasted potatoes and other veggies too. Awesome on steak for a nice black pepper flavor. 

You can use pretty much any blend to season bread.  

Baking bread is good for the soul!

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