1/2 cabbage, cut up
4 large carrots, cut up
1 med onion, cut up
4 garlic, smashed then chopped
1 ear of corn (found in the bottom drawer)
1 yellow pepper, cut up
2# beef roast, trimmed, and cut up (or stew meat)

In large pot, melt 1/4 c. oil (I use Extra Virgin, cold pressed Coconut Oil) over med-high heat, add beef chunks and brown well. S
alt and pepper.

In crock pot add vegetables first starting with the carrots, then put the meat on top after.

In a bowl I mix up:

1/2 cup red wine
2 Tbsp Evening in Tuscany
1 can cream of mushroom soup
8 oz beef broth
l pkg Lipton dry soup—either beef/mushroom or onion

Mix up well and pour over everything that is in the crock pot. Use the high heat setting for 1/2 hour, then turn down to low heat. Leave it to cook all day while you are busy! When you are ready for dinner, make mashed potatoes to serve with your stew. When you are ready to mash the potatoes, add a pkg of frozen peas to the stew to give it color!

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