Used boneless chicken, marinated in mixture of olive oil, lemon and lime juice, and Fabulous Fajitas blend
zucchini, yellow squash, red peppers, yellow peppers, white onion, mushrooms, carrots, stir fried in coconut oil, Fabulous Fajitas Blend sprinkled over veggies as they cooked,  white (Uncle Ben's) rice - and I added a teaspoon of the Fabulous Fajitas blend to the pot.

Very good, very flavorful :)

WAS planning to cook all on gas grill, but thunderstorm emerged and was forced to cook on stove, using a big wok :)

I cooked the chicken first, put into oven to keep warm, then half the vegetables, also put in oven, then 3rd wave in the wok.   Assembled onto plates.

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