Penzien's Produce Beans - Green (One Quart)

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Try these Green Beans lightly steamed with Milford Spice Company Citrus Sea Salt for a wonderful side dish.  Hand blended from smoked Sea salt, ginger, lemon, lime and orange zest, and a hint of coarse black pepper. It is INCREDIBLE on green beans, asparagus, fresh or roasted tomatoes. Great on poultry or fish, too. We love to squeeze a little fresh lemon or orange first and add the salt. 

You can also sauté Green Beans with Milford Spice Company Moroccan Vegetable Rub. A healthy, salt, MSG, and gluten-free option to add a pop of flavor to grilled or roasted veggies—great on fish too! It has a ton of flavor, plus a little sweet and heat too from the cayenne.  Hand blended from cumin, coriander, chili powder, smoked sweet paprika, cinnamon, allspice, ginger, cayenne and cloves.

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