Serves 4

1 5-7 Lb Whole Chicken

2 Tbsp Fish Delish

Cooking Spray

You need a pair of really good kitchen/poultry shears and a cutting board.  You will also need a cooking/grilling weight or you can use a brick (or two) covered in foil.

To begin, place the chicken on the cutting board, breast side down.  The backbone runs down the center, kind of has a “nose” on the “open” end of the chicken.  Start on one side and cut all the way to the other end and repeat on the 2nd side of the backbone.  Discard backbone.  

Using your hands open the chicken cavity and turn chicken over and press down hard on the breast bone to open and flatten.

Spray chicken liberally with cooking spray and season with the Fish Delish.

Place chicken on grill and add weight on top.  Keep a close eye as the chicken skin can make the grill flare.  Cook until chicken registers 165º on a meat thermometer.   

Let chicken rest for 10 minutes before you enjoy!

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