Many people believe that absolutely nothing beats the taste of salt. Salt does have a way of bringing out the flavor of many foods it’s used in, and generally speaking, salt is widely used by just about everyone to cook. Most of the pre packaged food that we regularly eat is preserved using salt. Salt is not only a form of flavoring food, but it also acts as a main preservative.
Salt, to a larger extent is quite often a prominent contributor for people who contract various kind of diseases. These diseases related to salt consumption range anywhere from hyperthyroidism to high blood pressure. There are numerous people who are advised by their doctors to limit their daily salt intake, or try to eliminate added salt from their diets altogether.
Sodium is the main element found in salt. What most people don’t realize is that sodium can also be found in most of the natural herbs that we use in our daily cooking. Most of the foods we regularly consume contain a decent amount of sodium in their natural state. Many herbs and spices that we keep in our kitchen are not just known for their distinct taste but also for a variety of medicinal values. When someone needs to limit their salt intake, there are many spices you can use to enhance the taste of your food, to give it an appealing flavor without adding salt. Anyone can learn how to flavor different foods with natural herbs and spices.
These herbs and spices can act as safe salt alternatives or salt substitutes. Herbs and spices like pepper, garlic, ginger, basil and cardamom have the ability to transform a simple dish into a sensuous eating experience of lively and refreshing flavors. Transitioning to delicious spices surely promises to excite the taste buds. There are many salt alternatives or salt substitutes that can be used from a combination of herbs to prepare meals. And spices and herbs are low in sodium while being equally healthy & tasty. The more you learn how to use them as a salt substitute, the less you will miss the added sodium you once added to your meals.

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