With the bustling and hectic holiday season behind, you may find that you have a little spare time on your hands.  Perhaps one of your New Year’s resolutions is to eat out less.  Either way, it’s a terrific time to hone your cooking skills!

The cold months of winter can be frigid in some places.  What better way to warm up your house and your body than with soups, chili, chowders, and stews? 

There is something utterly comforting about the aromas of your favorite dishes simmering on the stove, and with the wonder of the slow cookers, even the busiest person can make the most scrumptious meal.  All it takes is a great recipe, a variety of spices and a little creativity and you can make any recipe your own.  The palate is a matter of taste, so your taste buds may very well differ from the original author of any particular recipe. 

The key to satisfying your own palate is to experiment with seasonings and spices until it tastes just right.  The spices in your cabinet or pantry are the best tools any cook can equip themselves with.  Jarred spaghetti sauce, canned chili or soup, or store bought potato or macaroni salad can be improved with a dash of this or that.

Whether you are a master chef in the making or a master of the electric can opener, spices should always be at the ready for a tasty meal.

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