Steaks & Cupcakes - Ground Beef, 1 lb

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Nutritious and delicious Ground Beef that consists of 93-95% lean beef. Very versatile, and exceptionally great flavor.

Please take a look at Milford Spice Company's Grilling Guide for Steaks, great tips for the perfect steak.  

Milford Spice Company DiDads Passion for Pepper is also an excellent choice.  This salt free and sugar free blend delivers a robust blend of black pepper, granulated onion, granulated garlic, celery seed and sweet bell pepper. It is nice to have on your dinner table to sprinkle of just about everything! 

Smoked Tea Rub is amazing on steak! Smoked Sea salt, ginger, lemon, lime and orange zest, and a hint of coarse black pepper. It is INCREDIBLE on green beans, asparagus, fresh or roasted tomatoes. Great on poultry or fish, too. We love to squeeze a little fresh lemon or orange first and add the salt. 

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