Makes Approximately 40 Rolls

For Dough:

2 1/2 Cups Warm Milk (105 degrees)

1 Cup Melted Butter

1 Cup Sugar

1 Tsp Salt

1 1/2 Tsp Cardamom

4 1/2 Tsp Yeast

9 Cups All Purpose Flour

For Filling:

1/2 Cup Very Soft Butter

1 Cup Sugar combined with

3 Tsp MiMoms Pumpkin Spice

Pearl Sugar (Ikea or Cost Plus) or Crushed Sugar Cubes

Cupcake Forms

1 egg & 1 Tbsp Water


Lets start by making the dough. Preferable in a stand mixer, add the warm milk, sugar, melted butter, salt, yeast and cardamom. Let sit for 5 minutes to activate the yeast.

Next lets add the flour and let the machine (or you) knead till you have a a smooth dough.

Let rise in a warm spot covered with tea towel for 1 1/2 hours.

Next lets halve the risen dough to make it easier to work with. Roll each half out into a rectangle with the dough about 1/3” thick. Brush the dough with half of the very soft butter and sprinkle with half of the sugar mixture.

Now we want to roll the dough into a cylinder. Starting on the long sider, roll until you have a tight roll. Cut the cylinder in half and each half into 10 pieces.

Place each piece into a cupcake form on cookie sheet for second rising. Again covered with a tea towel till doubled in size, approximately one hour.

Heat the oven to 425 degrees.

Before baking, brush the tops with an egg wash and sprinkle with the pearl sugar. Bake for approximately 9 minutes, let cool, and enjoy!


Mary Moore

Date 12/25/2014

Lauren Offerman

Date 4/10/2015

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