20 Minute Skillet–Pork & Broccoli Pad Thai

Spring in the Rockies is typically wet and cool. That is certainly the case tonight and we are in the mood for some comfort food. There is something about a slightly spicy noodle dish that totally fits that bill. The Tantalizing Thai is a wonderful blend of spices that makes this dish sing!

Traditionally Pad Thai is served with the rice noodles and it's also good with rice. You can add a little bit of peanut butter to make it sweeter if you wish.

We enjoyed a glass of Iced Tea with this meal.

Wine and Spice Makes Everything nice!

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Massaman Curry – A Mildly Spicy Introduction to Thai Food

Thai food is known for its harmony of flavors and rich blend of herbs. And they can be extremely spicy if you don’t say to the cook ‘mai pet’ (not spicy). So if you want to acquire a taste for Thai food, it would be best to ease yourself into the exotic Thai flavors by starting with the less adventurous yet tasty Massaman Curry. 
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