When you cook or bake you add spices to season, to boost flavor, but there are more reasons to use spices.  Two common spices used in autumn recipes are cinnamon and allspice but did you know that they also have super powers?

Although it is traditionally used for seasoning meats and cooked fruits used in pies, allspice is also known to bring luck, money and healing. When you use it in cooking, send out the intention that you are adding wealth to your life as you add allspice to your meals.

Aside from kitchen use, make a little sachet and fill it with some allspice.  You can keep a stash in your purse or pocket to attract wealth.  You can also sprinkle some in the four corners of your home, office or business.  It will help bring success to your work.

Often a favorite used in desserts, cinnamon will not only help you attract success, but it brings healing, protection and love and can even help you enhance your psychic powers.

To unleash its power, you can put a pinch in your food, tea or hot cocoa. It has been said to be good for bringing quick cash.  Try putting a pinch in your wallet or your spare change jar.  You can also keep a cinnamon stick handy as a reminder.  Attach a dollar bill to it and watch your money grow!  Who needs a rabbit’s foot, when cinnamon packs its own punch?

If you are looking to bring more money and abundance into your life, take a look in your pantry.  The spices there are more than just flavorful; they’re powerful!

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