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Lemon White Marteani

Having friends over during the holidays?  Fun to have a signature drink to enjoy!  We played around with our new Lemon White Tea and created a mar"tea"ni that is splendid, if we do say so ourselves.  Give it a whirl, it may just become your new signature cocktail.

Looking for a nifty gift with a little homemade touch?  How about adding the syrup to a mason jar, adding a twine tie and a tag and giving it with a bottle of vodka and a couple of martini glasses?
Read the Full Recipe Here!
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Awesome Onion Spinach Artichoke Dip

Quick to make and delicious our Awesome Onion Soup mix helps you create a yummy spinach artichoke dip - pair it with some crusty italian bread and you've got a great holiday appetizer.

Our Awesome Onion Soup mix is all natural, preservative, MSG, gluten free, low salt AND vegetarian.  You can combine it with sour cream too for a quick dip!

Click here to get the recipe!
Read the Full Recipe Here!
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