Ravensview Garlic Instant Pot Beef Stew

The Instant Pot is another of my new favorite tools for the kitchen. The Instant Pot infuses an amazing amount of flavor into what you are cooking.  This is a very basic Beef Stew, it is amazing how a few ingredients can come together to taste soo good!

Today I made a Beef Stew with a Ravensview Rosemary Garlic blend. It is hand blended from black pepper, sea salt, black pepper, garlic, onion, chives and rosemary. It is fantastic for lamb and other red meats. Great on beef and pork ribs and roasts. We use it on roasted potatoes and other veggies too. 

This dish takes a little over two hours to make, but the time is well worth the wait! You might think, it's a pressure cooker won't it cook faster? The point here is that cooking it this amount of time makes the meat incredibly tender!

I served this fabulous Beef Stew over mashed potatoes. Very delish and healthy too!

A glass of Cabernet Sauvignon is a perfect complement to this dish.

Wine & Spice Makes Everything Nice!

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Barb's Corn and vegetable Chowder - 3rd Place in 2020 SOUPTOBER Contest

Mrs. Barbara Schueller Tabb shared her wonderful Corn & Vegetable Chowder and received 3rd Place in our 2020 SOUPTOBER Contest.  This chowder easy to make and will make everyone happy!   Barbara used Harvest Soup and Perfect Corn of the Cob to flavor her soup.   Served with freshly made Pumpkin Chai Spice Muffins.  YUM!
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Roasted Butternut Squash Soup- 1st Place Winner 2020 SOUPTOBER Contest

Mr. Rick Kirchner entered his Roasted Butternut Squash Soup to win the coveted 1st Place award!  This is a light yet amazingly flavorful soup, wonderful fall flavors.  Ricos sk used Farmer's Market Veggie Soup and Italian Black Truffle Salt to flavor hi A quick and easy fall favorite.  Thank you Rick for this fabulous recipe!
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Halloween Potato Soup - 2nd Place Winner in 2020 SOUPTOBER Contest

Ms Autumn Fenton won 2nd place with her Halloween Potato Soup.  She used a combination of Farmer's Market Soup and Kenny's East Texas Cajun to flavor this delicious potato soup.  Great job Autumn!  Sounds wonderful on a cold night!
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