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Since our founding in 2010, we've built relationships with local grill masters, southern smoking champions, renowned chefs, and home cooks from Maine to Oregon. We love to learn how cooks of every skill level can use our products to bring delicious meals to their dinner table! Check out our wide variety of recipes, organized on our blog into categories for ease of searching.

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Cauliflower Arancini

Arancini is an Italian snack made with rice, sausage and mozzarella cheese.  This is rolled into a ball, dipped in breadcrumbs and then fried.  Served with marinara to dip in. 

I made a version using cauliflower rice and air fried it!  Soo decadent and rich, light and fluffy!  You can choose to use sausage or skip it.  You can also use ham, salami or any other addition you want to be creative with!

You can serve this as an appetizer or add a salad and make it a main course.

I used Evening in Tuscany for this dish.  This is a delicate blend of garlic, Kosher salt, Mediterranean oregano, basil, crushed red pepper, black pepper, rosemary, onion and parsley.  One of our Best Sellers, great in any Italian recipe and also great sprinkled on fish or chicken grilled or baked.  It combines well with olive oil to make a delicious bread dipping sauce. 

You can absolutely also use Buon Appetito or Johnny Pizza.

I enjoyed this appetizer with a glass of Chianti.  Mmmmm!

Wine & Spice

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Adobo-Lime Rub Salmon with Mango-Avocado Salsa served with Lemon Risotto

This fabulous recipe was submitted by  one of our Costumers!  Great job!  Cant wait to try!

He used Adobo Lime, one of our All-Time Best Sellers!  This is hand blended with cumin, garlic, fennel, lime, back pepper, salt, coriander, oregano, rosemary and thyme.  Great on chicken, beef and fish as well as all types of veggies!  Also a great addition to green chili!
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Cacio e Pepe

This is truly a lovely dish. It is Italy’s version of comfort food and it really hits that note. So simple and easy to make for a quick family dinner or serve to guests. I got this idea from my friend Susan, who invented this version with her son. We adore this dish, yummy and very satisfying!

I used Habanero Garlic Pepper in this dish which is hand blended from black pepper, garlic, habanero, orange zest, onion, chipotle and marjoram. This blend gives a bite backed up with many layers of flavor. Habanero Garlic Pepper is fantastic on anything from steak, chicken, fish, pasta and veggies. Not too spicy, just the right bite!

A glass of Chianti went very well with this dish.

Wine & Spice Makes Everything Nice

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Shrimp & Pineapple Fajitas

Grilled or sautéed fresh pineapple is one of the most amazing things I can put into my mouth!  Add perfectly seasoned shrimp, avocado sauce and turn it into taco, it becomes a truly amazing flavor sensation!

Today I used Fabulous Fajitas.  This blend is created using cumin, Mexican oregano, sea salt, cayenne pepper, black pepper, garlic, coriander, paprika, white pepper, cinnamon, rosemary, marjoram and cardamom.  Soo great on steak, pork, chicken, seafood or just veggies.  

You can also use Easy Enchiladas or Taco Tuesday in this recipe!

I enjoyed this meal with an ice cold Tecate Beer.  Mmmmm!

Wine & Spice

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